09. Knights In Shining Armor

As time goes on, it feels like the situation is getting worse and worse. How much longer do we have to wait? Fortunately, communication has not been lost during this […]

08. Help us, Coast Guard!

The rain and wind have been pounding since early morning, and I ate so much yesterday that my stomach is feeling strange. I decided to stay inside and review what […]

07. Never seen this kind of fog before

We let loose and had a good time last night. And this morning, we deal with the hangover and indigestion. But today, we have decided to stay in Neah Bay […]

06. Neah Bay

The transit dock at Port Angeles marina is packed. We searched for an empty spot all the way to the dead end of the dock, but there were none available. […]

05. Resumed voyage

It’s monday morning. We discuss the situation. We now have a definite solution with the repaired engine, so we agree that it is not worth spending more money unnecessarily on […]

04. Angels Of The Port

We feared the voyage would end at the US border, but it turns out it only went 100 meters beyond before ending here. We were deeply disappointed. Even more because […]

03. Port Angeles

Turning back the clock to Vancouver: As we prepared to set sail, I came to pay closer attention to the “mobility” of the boat that had been serving as a […]

00. Introduction

The deep blue hues of the sea, the sound of the hull cutting through the water, the fun of adjusting the sails and feeling its propulsion, and the sense of […]